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Grants the badge holder admission to all film screenings at the Loft Film Fest, taking place November 10 – 18, 2021 at The Loft Cinema.

Badge holders have priority access and are guaranteed seats until 20 minutes before all showtimes. After this time, Badge holder seating is limited to availability.

The 2021 Loft Film Fest will be a 100% in-person film festival, with all screenings taking place in either The Loft Cinema’s Screen 1, which features the biggest traditional indoor movie screen in Southern Arizona, or in the Open Air Cinema, an outdoor cinema experience located on The Loft Cinema’s campus. Attendance in Screen 1 is currently limited to 185 people, or 50% of its normal capacity, and Open Air Cinema screenings will have a maximum capacity of 100 people.

Badges are $180 for the general public and $150 for Loft Cinema members. Member-level pricing is available to current Loft Cinema members only. If you select the member-level badge, your information will be cross-checked against our records. One badge per member. Badges are non-transferable, and may be used by one person only.

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