Cinemad Live Zine Show


Hosted by filmmaker Mike Plante, Senior Short Film Programmer for the Sundance Film Festival

In 1999, while living in Tucson, projectionist and film nut Mike Plante printed the first issue of a staple-bound zine called Cinemad. It was an era before social media, before torrenting; frustrated by the lack of information about the rare films he loved, Plante thought that starting a DIY publication would allow him to communicate with filmmakers and maybe get a few screeners in the mail. But Cinemad ranged far beyond the horizons of any typical fanboy outlook. In the xeroxed pages of its six print issues, Cinemad corralled a sprawling array of topics, organized by Plante’s own obsessions with fringe Hollywood, obscure independents, canonical avant-gardists and a new generation of experimental filmmakers. Now, for the 20th anniversary of its debut, Plante has assembled a survey of the magazine’s rambunctious early years and subsequent evolution. A revelatory transmission from cinema’s outer limits at the turn of the millennium, his illustrated talk will be accompanied by original audio interviews as well as a screening of choice short films and weird underground clips that circled through Cinemad’s orbit.   (Total running time: 80 mins., Not Rated)

Mike Plante is a filmmaker and festival programmer.  He has directed the feature documentaries Be Like an Ant (2011) and And With Him Came the West (2019), along with many shorts, including The Masque (2012) and The Polaroid Job (2016), which is available on the New York Times’ Op-Doc website.   He has produced feature documentaries by other directors including Scrap Vessel (2009) and Giuseppe Makes a Movie (2014). Plante is currently a Senior Programmer for Short Films at the Sundance Film Festival, where he has worked since 2001. In 1998, he started writing/publishing the film zine, Cinemad, which continues today as a blog and podcast.

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