Documentary Shorts

2015-09-2808-52-45 Showtimes

Previous iterations of the Loft Film Fest’s Documentary Shorts have highlighted two eventual Oscar-nominated short films. This year’s collection of offers a stunningly diverse bunch of films, with windows into the way people live across the world.

The Carousel A day in the life of The Singing Women of Požega, a group of enthusiastic elderly women. Through poetic images, seasoned with a lot of humour, we learn about their views of love, joy as well as the ephemerality of life. (Dir. by Luka Popadić, 2015, Serbia, in Serbian with subtitles, 15 mins.)

DaQueen With humor and honesty, DaQueen Yaes narrates a tour of South Tucson and an account of how she’s made it to where she is. (Dir. by Tom Mickelson and Matty Jonas, 2016, USA, 7 mins.) With director Matty Jonas in person!

MissMe: The Artful Vandal At the height of a successful career at a top advertising agency, Montreal-based “MissMe” quit her job and took to the streets to become an underground street artist to be a loud, counter-voice to the objectification of women in mainstream advertising. (Dir. by Mohammad Gorjestani, 2016, Canada, in French with subtitles, 4 mins.)

Another Kind of Girl For three months, a group of Syrian girls living in Jordan’s Za’atari Refugee Camp participated in a media workshop to document their everyday lives – how it looks, feels and sounds from the ground, at the heart of their world. This video was filmed by Khaldiya, 17, from Dara’a, Syria. (Dir. by Khaldiya Jibawi, 2016, Jordan, in Arabic with subtitles, 10 mins.)

Chekov A heartbroken filmmaker secretly records his sister reading an embarrassing love letter from his ex-girlfriend. (Dir. by Jack Dunphy, 2015, USA, 5 mins.)

Peace in the Valley Eureka Springs, Arkansas, is home to both the largest outdoor Passion Play in the United States and an important vote on LGBT rights. This film follows the town’s inhabitants as they prepare for the historic vote. (Dir. by Donal Mosher and Michael Palmieri, 2016, USA, 15 mins.)

Celebrate Now Jennifer Coughlan learned to love Tucson through the All Souls Procession. When she learns that she has stage 4 breast cancer, she finds solace and meaning through her participation in Tucson’s beloved tradition. (Dir. by Leslie Ann Epperson, 2016, USA, 11 mins.) With director Leslie Ann Epperson in person!

Invisible Point Although dancing is illegal in Iran, a mother and daughter retreat to the desert to practice their art. (Dir. by Tanin Torabi, 2016, Iran, in Persian with subtitles, 5 mins.)

These C*cksucking Tears This funny and touching documentary follows Pat Haggerty, the man behind the world’s first and only gay-themed country music album, Lavender Country, 40 years after its release. (Dir. by Dan Taberski, 2016, USA, 15 mins.)

Flower of a Thousand Colours An intimate slice of the life of Emiliana, a loving single mother of seven who struggles every day with her environment: a Bolivian mining camp. (Dir. by Karen Vazquez Guadarrama, 2016, Belgium, in Spanish with subtitles, 23 mins.)