House of Sweat and Tears


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Preceded by the short film, Mercury.

Director Sonia Escolano’s mesmerizing exploration of religion, faith, and belief marries the aesthetics of European art cinema with the language of horror films to deliver a story both unique and shocking in its diabolical take on extremism.

“This atmospheric horror show sneaks up on you and leaves you gripping your chest by its shocking conclusion.” – Joseph Perry, Gruesome Magazine

Somewhere in an unnamed country, a mysterious and sinister woman known only as “She” leads a religious cult using violent methods of control, including painful punishments for her followers who stray from the path of righteousness. But when a mysterious man arrives claiming to be the messiah, the followers are offered another way of life beyond the path of pain. A deadly struggle for power ensues as all hell breaks loose, setting She and her followers on a path of destruction from which no one will emerge unscathed. A highly-stylized shocker featuring a claustrophobic atmosphere punctuated by bursts of brutal intensity, House of Sweat and Tears is an unsettling look at cult communities and the dangers of blind faith. (Dir. by Sonia Escolano, 2018, Spain, in Spanish/French with English subtitles, 104 mins., Not Rated). Other festivals: Fantastic Fest | Arizona Premiere

Mercury Year 2098, a strange incident got Mercury closer to Earth. Cosmic radiations caused by Mercury’s presence hit the surface of Earth slowly killing everybody. Jess finds herself obligated to harvest fresh resilient blood to survive. DIRECTED BY Pierre Edelmann, 2018, France, 5 mins.