International Shorts

Saturday, NOVEMBER 9 at 11:00aM | GENERAL ADMISSION: $12 • LOFT MEMBERS: $10

All Inclusive
Under the spell of mass entertainment on the high seas. (Dir. by Corina Schwingruber Ilić, 2018, Switzerland, 10 mins., Not Rated)

Ayman, a Syrian refugee in Lebanon, teaching his wife how to drive his car, the only thing left for him from his country. The lesson takes a wrong turn into madness and nostalgia. (Dir. by Soudade Kaadan, 2019, Lebanon/Syria, 13 mins., Not Rated)

It’s Going to Be Beautiful
Eight prototypes for a border wall stand on the US-Mexico border. To choose a winning design, Border Patrol officers and the military will attempt to climb dig under or breach the structures using techniques employed by immigrants and drug dealers. (Dir. by Luis Gutierrez Arias and John Henry Theisen, 2019, Mexico/USA, 9 mins., Not Rated)

16-year-old Shelby and her best friend Jess spend one last afternoon together at the Salton Sea. In a stolen moment at Shelby’s surprise going-away party, they acknowledge something more between them. (Dir. by Cate Smierciak, 2019, USA, 12 mins., Not Rated)

In coastal Colombia, a mother teaches her daughter how to swim so that she may go to the mangroves and harvest the piangua shellfish with the other women in the village. (Dir. by Angello Faccini and Guille Isa, 2019, Colombia/USA, 10 mins., Not Rated)

A cable system designed by Huawei Technologies enables communication between an expert and a machine. Time succumbs to space in a new cold war, played out in technological materials. (Dir. by Meredith Lackey, 2019, USA, 22 mins., Not Rated)

A portrait of North Carolina’s impoverished rural Edgecombe County, focusing on an African American on probation who works at Applebee’s, and expanding with a look at his larger community. (Dir. by Crystal Kayiza, 2018, USA, 15 mins., Not Rated)

Life in Miniature
A short film about small things – and the woman who creates them. (Dir. by Ellen Evans, 2018, UK, 5 mins., Not Rated)

The Silence of the Dying Fish
On his way to work, a lonely fish-farm worker learns that he has died the day before. Utterly oblivious to his preposterous situation, he spends his last day on Earth trying to verify his existence. What will become of his poor canaries? (Dir. by Vasilis Kekatos, 2018, Greece/France, 2018, 14 mins., Not Rated)

99¢ Dreams
A fragmented exploration of memory, consciousness, and lost time, told through the experiences of a few community members in a small town. (Dir. by Tasnim Boufelfel, 2019, USA, 9 mins., Not Rated)