Mansfield 66/67


Preceded by the short film, F*cking Bunnies. Please note: this film contains mature content.

Going far beyond the over-the-top sex symbol’s candy-colored public persona, this campy yet fascinating documentary reveals the enigmatic, intelligent woman behind the platinum tresses, pneumatic measurements and extravagantly lurid lifestyle.

“Wondrous and delirious … a story so completely bonkers that it just has to be true.”- Andrew Mack, Screen Anarchy

Directors P. David Ebersole and Todd Hughes deconstruct the Mansfield image and mystique, combining archival material, quirky song and dance numbers, and interviews with a wide and, at times, wonderfully unexpected cast of actors, directors and academics, including John Waters, Mary Woronov, Mamie Van Doren, Tippi Hedren and Kenneth Anger. A life story “based on rumor and hearsay,” Mansfield 66/67 holds a twisted mirror up to the Hollywood Dream Machine, exposing the shocking truth about how becoming involved with Satanism seemed like a promising solution for a fading starlet struggling to remain relevant. (Dir. by P. David Ebersole & Todd Hughes, 2017, USA, 84 mins., Not Rated)

Other Festival Appearances: Rotterdam; Frameline

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F*cking Bunnies: Raimo’s comfortable, middle-class bubble is burst when a Satan-worshipping sex cult moves in next door. (Dir. by Teemu Niukkanen, 2017, Finland, 18 mins., Not Rated)