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Preceded by the short film, End of the Line

An outrageously gonzo chamber piece set in a squalid apartment living room just before the ball drops on Y2K, Relaxer, from indie director Joel Potrykus (Buzzard), is a skuzzy ‘90s nostalgia flashback that’s both absurdly funny and grossly disturbing in its portrayal of the cultural detritus of the turn of the millennium.

“Hilarious and uncompromising.  A borderline masterpiece of “what the f**k” insanity, films that are simultaneously this absurd and this watchable are a feat.” – John Fink, Film Stage

Stone-faced slacker Abbie (the Buster Keaton-esque Joshua Burge), commanded by his sadistic older brother, Cam (David Dastmalchian), takes on the dopest, most ultimate challenge ever:  to beat Billy Mitchell’s infamous Pac-Man high score – by going beyond level 256’s infamous glitch, of course – without ever getting off the couch. For any reason. As Abbie’s quest devolves into a months-long absurdist nightmare (think Slacker meets The Exterminating Angel), this daringly demented black comedy veers into increasingly uncomfortable realms of gross-out humor and surreally humorous perils. A closed-room farce at once philosophically dense and downright disgusting, Relaxer is a noxiously funny and depraved vision of Gen X complacency hurtling towards oblivion. (Dir. by Joel Potrykus, 2018, USA, 91 mins., Not Rated). Other festivals: SXSW; Fantasia | Arizona Premiere

End of the Line
A short film directed by Jessica Sanders (Oscar-nominated, Sundance and Cannes winner) based on acclaimed writer Aimee Bender’s surrealist short story about a lonely man who goes to the pet store and buys a tiny man in a cage. The story explores themes of power and abuse of power in a highly creative and unusual way. Starring Simon Helberg (Big Bang Theory, Florence Foster Jenkins) and Brett Gelman (Stranger Things, Lemon). DIRECTED BY Jessica Sanders, USA, 14 mins.