Presented by Level Forward and Refinery29

Shatterbox Short Films


With directors Parisa Barani and Channing Godfrey Peoples in person for a post-film Q&A.

Currently in its third season, Shatterbox is a culture-shifting series from Refinery29 and Level Forward that gives women storytellers a platform to create short films that redefine identity, imagination, and continue to advance the urgent shift for equity in narrative product and process. Since the series launch in August 2016, Shatterbox has helped create meaningful change for both filmmakers and the industry at large, developing and distributing more than 20 short films to date. In addition to providing a space for boundaryless storytelling, it has served as a powerful incubator for female director talent, from Kristen Stewart to Yara Shahidi, Gillian Jacobs, and Jessica Sanders. Additionally, three Shatterbox films are currently being developed into feature films, including Good Time Girls by Courtney Hoffman, who is also slated to direct Steven Spielberg’s upcoming film, Ruthless.

Inspired by real events, two prestige auction houses engage in the ancient form of ritualized combat, Rochambeau, for a coveted $20 million art collection. (Dir. by Veronica Rodriguez, 2019, USA, 12 mins., Not Rated)

Girl Callin
After a drug deal goes awry, two best buds make a presumably careless decision that not only jeopardizes their relationship, but possibly their lives. (Dir. by Tiffany J. Johnson, 2019, USA, 14 mins., Not Rated)

Sara’s bachelorette party is going off without a hitch until she and her maid of honor get a call to report for active duty that threatens wedding plans. These two twenty-somethings have been training for years to be deployed by the U.S. Air Force, so they’ve got this, right? (Dir. by Nicole Emanuele, 2019, USA, 16 mins., Not Rated)

Human Terrain
An American anthropologist is working in Iraq for the Human Terrain System, a real-life military initiative created to bridge the cultural divide. She befriends a Muslim Iraqi woman and finds herself caught in the middle of an ethical dilemma, forced to choose between their friendship and loyalty to her country. (Dir. by Parisa Barani, 2019, USA, 16 mins., Not Rated)

Jack and Jo Don’t Want to Die
A disillusioned man, Jack, works the night shift at a freezing facility where people choose to halt their lives. His life takes a turn on the night he chooses to freeze his own body when he meets Jo, a terminally ill girl being unfrozen early due to a lack of funds. (Dir. by Kantú Lentz, 2019, USA, 19 mins., Not Rated)

Doretha’s Blues
The story of an African-American woman who is rocked to her core when a national news event opens up an old wound. (Dir. by Channing Godfrey Peoples, 2019, USA, 15 mins., Not Rated)

White Echo
Carla believes she may have inner powers. As she and her friends play a game of Ouija, group dynamics ensue: power of persuasion, belief, and frenzy. When she is visited by a spirit, she must confront the supernatural powers she claims to possess. (Dir. by Chloë Sevigny, 2019, USA, 16 mins., Not Rated)

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