Shorts Showcase


The Loft Film Fest is presented by the National Endowment for the Arts and Desert Diamond Casinos & Entertainment.

Special thanks to our film sponsor, University of Arizona School of Theatre, Film & Television!

Featuring a post-film Q&A with Jillian Corsie and other guests TBA!

Dive into this exciting collection of short films and discover a unique world of stories, voices and emotions that only shorts can offer!

Snooze Michael’s dad thinks he’s a screw up, his gym teacher thinks he’s lazy, and everyone else thinks he’s just a little off. Through his dreams, Michael must determine his own value. DIRECTED BY Carolyn McKee, 2018, USA, 10 mins.

For Nonna Anna In this raw and graceful testimony of intersectional womanhood, a trans girl has to care for her Italian grandmother. She assumes that her Nonna disapproves of her – but instead discovers a tender bond in their shared vulnerability. DIRECTED BY Luis De Filippis, 2018, Canada, in English and Italian with subtitles, 13 mins.

Hair Wolf A gentrification horror comedy set in a black hair salon, where the salon staff fend off a strange new monster: white women intent on sucking the lifeblood from black culture. DIRECTED BY Mariama Diallo, 2018, USA, 12 mins.

Nuuca The oil boom in North Dakota has brought tens of thousands of new people to the region, and with that has come an influx of drugs, crime, and sex trafficking. DIRECTED BY Michelle Latimer, 2017, USA/Canada, 13 mins.

The Climb Kyle just got out of a relationship, so his best bud Mike takes him out for a bike ride. Exercising in the outdoors sounds like the perfect way to help him process the break-up…that is until Mike gets something off his chest that jeopardizes the healing purpose of the afternoon, and even their friendship. DIRECTED BY Michael Angelo Covino, 2018, USA, 8 mins.

Second Assault When Jillian was 18 years old, she was raped in her college dorm room. Twelve years later Second Assault follows her on the journey to confront this incident and in particular, her anger toward the police officer who deemed the assault consensual. This film explores the trauma of reporting sexual violence, and the “second assault” that survivors often experience when they are not believed. DIRECTED BY Jillian Corsie & Amy Rosner, 2018, USA, 19 mins.

Two Medusas A funny and bittersweet coming of age story set around the drama that happens when two girls have the same Halloween costume for their elementary school Halloween contest: they both are going to be Medusa. DIRECTED BY Scott Hamilton Kennedy, 2018, USA, 12 mins.

Smoke Through a Spider’s Web The film is set in the remote village of Nepal, where the society is still segregated by the system of caste and beliefs. Sabitri, who’s from a lower caste, is a trained stove maker and she along with her husband travels around her village to make a stove. But people, afraid of getting their kitchen impure by the entry of such lower class people, rejects Sabitri to build a stove inside their home. DIRECTED BY Niranjan Raj Bhetwal, 2018, Nepal, Nepali with English subtitles, 15 mins.

Thursday Night An elusive stranger pays Bimbo a visit in the middle of the night to deliver a vital message. DIRECTED BY Gonçalo Almeida, 2017, Portugal, 8 mins.

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