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Simple Passion


Beginning Friday October 22nd, all visitors to The Loft Cinema will need to show proof of full vaccination or a negative COVID test for all screenings and events at the theatre. The Loft Cinema will require ALL customers, employees, and volunteers, regardless of vaccination status, to wear masks while visiting its campus. Masks may be removed while seated and actively eating or drinking.

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In this adaptation of Annie Arneaux’s best-selling 1992 novel, French filmmaker Danielle Arbid vividly captures the feverish experience of an all-consuming love affair. Hélène (Laetitia Dosch) is a successful woman who teaches Humanities at the Sorbonne. She is a strong, independent woman who has raised her son alone, but when she enters into an addictive, erotically-intoxicating relationship with  a younger, married Russian diplomat named Aleksandre (played by celebrated Russian Royal Ballet dancer Sergei Polunin), she is caught in the grip of romantic obsession and the black hole desire creates.   As her affair with the coldly cruel Aleksandre escalates, Hélène becomes further possessed by sexual desire and the escape it offers from the banality of her daily routine.  But how long can the flame burn before it rages out of control?  (Dir. by Danielle Arbid, 2020, France/Belgium, in French/English with English subtitles, 99 mins,. Not Rated/Contains Graphic Sexual Content)

Other festivals: Cannes, Toronto, San Sebastian