¡Three Amigos!


This free screening will be held outdoors in Pisinemo, AZ, at the Pisinemo Recreation Center, Indian Rte. 28, Pisinemo, AZ, 85634. Please bring your own seating.

This screening is part of Loft Film Fest on the Road, a community-building program that takes unexpected films for free screenings in underserved and unserved rural areas, providing a unique cultural experience. The movies will travel across Southern Arizona in The Loft Solar Cinema, a cargo van outfitted with solar panels (donated by Technicians for Sustainability) to power a 20-foot inflatable screen and state-of-the-art mobile projection system.

“A goofy delight. It’s like a cross between a big-budget Three Stooges movie and a Hope-Crosby road picture, with dozens of old cowpoke gags thrown in to spice up the brew.” – Patrick Goldstein, Los Angeles Times

Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, and Martin Short travel a dusty road to adventure in this hilariously zany mixture of slapstick, one-liners and sight gags. The “Three Amigos” are a silent screen comedy act that has seen better days.  So has a remote Mexican hamlet called Santo Poco, which is being terrorized by a fierce bandit gang. In desperation, a naïve villager sends the actors a telegram asking for their help. Thinking they’re being offered a fortune for a personal appearance, the hapless trio arrives in Mexico, only to discover this time they’re dodging real bullets, courtesy of the nasty El Guapo (Alfonso Arau) and his criminal cohorts. Can our bumbling heroes rise to the occasion and save the town, or will this be their final performance? Filmed at the legendary Old Tucson Studios, and directed by comedy guru John Landis (Animal House), this is a comedy about three loveable goofballs who are in way over their heads but come what may, they’ll always remain The Three Amigos! (Dir. by John Landis, 1986, USA, 104 mins., Rated PG)

This screening is part of Loft Film Fest on the Road, made possible by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts with support from Desert Diamond Casinos & Entertainment.